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    "Turn your attention to this idea: You cannot be wealthy if you
    resent wealthy people. You cannot be successful if you resent
    successful people. You cannot be happy if you resent happy people.
    Whatever you resent is a statement of what you lack. This also applies
    to healing. You cannot be healed if you have resentment towards
    anyone because resentment breaks down your immune system and
    literally causes your own sickness."
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    So when boys want to wear tank tops, it’s okay, but when I want to do it, it’s indecent and my shoulders are going to give every boy in a 20-mile radius a boner?

    if your underage and its a professional environment, wear professional clothing. women have sexual organs on their top half, men don’t, don’t you know biology??

    breasts aren’t sexual organs and neither are shoulders do everyone a favor staple your hands to your ass

    and that’s more anatomy than biology.

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#PolaroidLife | @Burritonight #BurritoNightJuly5th (at burritonight.tumblr.com)


    #PolaroidLife | @Burritonight #BurritoNightJuly5th (at burritonight.tumblr.com)

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    Your broken heart
    does not make
    you a broken girl;

    sweep the pieces
    of the person you
    were away, grow
    yourself a new heart,
    and walk down the
    street with a little
    more conviction.

    Make them
    wonder where
    you’ve been.

    your broken heart is not your broken soul, Emma Bleker

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    "Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages."

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    "Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be."
    Eric Thomas

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    "Choose me or lose me. I’m not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice."
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    Anonymous asked: Do you still dance?


    Every blue moon to my heart’s content.

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