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    I really don’t wanna pull that, “you don’t even KNOW me,” crap,

    but f’real homie, you don’t know the first thing about me. There was a good minute there that I was ready to confront with a pound or two of snaps and head movement, ready to lay it all on the table. But you know what? It’s cool, that’s you. That’s on you. When you go around letting word vomit spill outta your dirty mouth, obviously you don’t think twice about who it’s affecting. But that’s cool. And the way you give yourself the almighty power of making the decisions to judge, by the way, doesn’t necessarily define me, but it definitely defines the type of person you are.

    Good thing I waited it out; instead of trying to confront someone who is indifferent to introspect, I’ll let karma do her business.

    Keep doin’ your thing, girl. I’ll leave the judgment up to Him. 

    For a quick minute there, I thought you weren’t so bad after all.
    Woops, my bad.

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