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write drunk, edit sober

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    needs vs. wants

    We can’t have everything we want. Most of the time, we have to make sacrifices in order to achieve a goal. We lose sleep to get more done and give up excellence in exchange for fun. Life is never fair; it is never certain and always gambling. There is always a risk for a smidgen of hope. Priorities and goals are often depicted in a pyramid shape rather than a random flow chart for a purpose—the things we want the most often don’t leave room for much of anything to go side by side. We strive for excellence but lose sleep, we sleep but lose time, and we indulge but lose value. But the beauty of this inverted cycle is to prove in its dimmest light what means the most to us. Greatness is formed when sacrifices are made, and success…a disguised robbery.

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    Where is the girl who wouldn’t leave without that Canon strapped across her body who had a body that was always doing a pirouette or some other invention of a dance move if given the chance to stop just for a second who wouldn’t pass a mirror or glassed reflection without doing a 4-count who slept at three and woke up at five who always only had one hand free with the other occupied with a book or a cup of joe (arabica, to be precise) who always seemed to fit in a good hike or even five minutes of a viewpoint who was always starting projects but never finishing them who would spend the day complaining about that grade if it was anything less than an A who did special things for people’s birthdays like drive to every graf spot known in LA claimed by that fave artist or plan a surprise birthday for a mother who deserved it who fell asleep in movies but went to them anyway who was never taught not to talk to strangers but if she was taught, forgot that rule altogether who did and did and did who was always moving who never stopped for anyone and who always wandered but was never lost.

    If found, please return. It’s been too long.

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    You know my name, not my story. You know what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through.

    So please, before you rear the ugly head of assumption, take a second to get a detailed history. Your judgments do not reflect the person I am, but the person you, in turn, choose to be.

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    the remedy is in the poison

    You see, you think you’re fine. Until you hear that song, see that sight, feel that almost familiar tingling chill sent down your spine. All the effort you spent eluding these moments and memories fly full speed, and all you can do is wait.

    Time heals all, you just have to wait.

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    I think I need a new hand

    because the cards I’ve been dealt haven’t been winning me anything at all.

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    You can meet a million people who will “change” your life in a variety of ways. There are the ones who hurt you, but depart with a lingering lesson. People who suffice as lenses to a world you thought was already seen 20/20. The ones you, in turn, hurt. The ones who have healed, and the ones who become the missing halves to the whole you thought you already were. We accommodate, we are shaped, we are broken, and we learn, but while we embrace the individuals who sculpt the lives we thought we knew, there exist the quiet ones. These are the ones, or shall I say, few—these are the few who do not aspire to cut and sow or break and build. These few, these rare, they take what was already there and provoke. To have someone, unknowingly, shove you into the light to expose every feature you already had and name it beautiful. To have someone be the reason you want to wake up every morning. To have someone be a stimulus to your middle-of-the -week Wednesdays. In plain Jane words—to have someone see the worst in you, but somehow bring out the best in you…that is something worth holding on to. And if it hasn’t passed by, wait for it. There can be a million people who can influence the person you become, but there will only be one, or maybe two if you’re lucky, who sees the person you already are.

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